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How to have your own Virtual Pipe Organ at home
Virtual Pipe Organs

The sound of real pipes but in your computer!

Michael has been privileged to be involved with some of the design of the Paramount Virtual Theatre Pipe Organ (VTPO), the sound of a real Wurlitzer organ, but instead of having a console in the orchestra pit and pipes in the wall, with a VTPO you use any electronic organ or keyboard with MIDI and top quality pipe samples in your computer. Michael’s CD, Virtualoso!, was recorded on the magnificent Paramount 332 Wurlitzer and received plenty of positive comments and radio airplay. The incredible pipe like sound of the recording has inspired many to give it a go for themselves by installing a VTPO at home. Using Hauptwerk software, you can then install the Paramount VTPO. You can download the basic version of Hauptwerk for free. The very lovely Paramount 310 Wurlitzer is also free. This means that for just the cost of the connecting cables between your MIDI keyboard and your computer, which can be as little as £10.00, you can give it a try. This is the Paramount 310 screen console, on which the keys and pedals move up and down as you play on your MIDI keyboard: The same thing happens on the Miditzer screen console: Michael wrote a very informative article detailing exactly how to install Hauptwerk and the Paramount 310, step by step, right from the very beginning. By kind permission of the Organ and Keyboard Cavalcade Magazine, you can download it to read by selecting the PDF logo here: You should probably allow at least a half a day to instal a Virtual Pipe Organ for the first time but once you have set it up, it only takes a minute to call it up when you want to enjoy playing it.
Michael Wooldridge at the ATOS Woking Wurlitzer
The Paramount VTPO Console Screen The Miditzer VTPO Console Screen