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Through my work writing reviews for Organ and Keyboard Cavalcade magazine, I have just discovered the world of Virtual Pipe Organs, instruments that exist only on your computer, to be played with a mouse or, much more practical, by connecting any MIDI organ or keyboard up to your PC.

I first downloaded the MidiTzer, a recreation of a small Wurlitzer theatre organ which is available as a completely free download from VirtualOrgan.com

MidiTzer Style 216 Console

You will see that this gives you a complete organ on a screen and, as you will hear from these sound files, my very first attempts with it, it makes a good sound.

As you progress further into the world of Virtual Organs, you will discover that there is wonderful software available to purchase, which will accurately recreate existing pipes organ for you, both theatre and classical. A good starting place for exploring this world is to visit www.VirtualTheatreOrgans.com